process. If you are a sector of the government, an industry leader, or an organization that deals with the public at large and you would like to have one of our representatives attend an event or conference to further discuss our innovative process and our ability to make nuclear energy green, send us an email at and someone will contact you. 

 Please include the following information along with your email:

  • Who you are?

  • What type of event or conference this is?

  • Time and place of the event or conference?

  • Who is the target audience?

  • What is the primary language?

  • Why you would like for us to attend?

We do consider sending a representative out of state as well as to international events or conferences. However, please do note that although we take every request under serious consideration before making a final decision, we are limited in the number of events or conferences we can and will attend annually.

Greenuke Technology takes pride in its new and innovative technology that allows the reduction of nuclear waste by a ratio of at least 2,000:1. Moreover, we pride ourselves in educating governments, industries, and the public at large on the necessity of nuclear energy and its potential of becoming green through our 

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