There are many sources of energy, but before we define or discuss the two types of energy sources, renewable and nonrenewable, it should be mentioned that all forms of energy production have some sort of a negative impact on the environment. If it is not the use of fossil fuels, then it might be the use of land or other resources that 

affect the environment and wildlife; directly or indirectly there is currently no form of energy source that is completely sustainable or green. For example, even solar energy has negative impacts on the environment, whether it is during production, installation, transportation, or the maintenance process. 

In short, renewable energy refers to the type of energy source that is constantly available and examples of this type of energy include wind, water, solar, and geothermal. Typically when we refer to sustainable or green energy we are referring to this kind of energy source. Nonrenewable energy on the other hand refers to the type of energy source that is limited in supply and is currently the most prominent type of energy source being used around the world. Examples of this type of energy include fossil fuels and nuclear.

Until recently one could not talk about nuclear energy as a sustainable or a green form of energy source. However, Greenuke’s new and innovative technology will allow the most practical and sustainable energy source – nuclear energy – to finally be classified as green energy. With a new solid-liquid separation process of radioactive waste which includes high-level nuclear waste (HLW), we can reclassify the once thought of as hazardous and unsustainable energy source as both safe and sustainable. To learn more about our new and innovative technology click here.

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