1. Reduced insurance cost.
  2. Significantly reduce the cost of both management and maintenance.
  3. Reduced cost of storage and create saving in facility space.
  4. Reducing the chance of nuclear accidents and the high cost associated with such accidents.
  5. Create a more affordable and sustainable energy production process.
  6. Preserving the environment.
  7. Reduce the health risk factor. 
  8. Transportation of waste is both safer and easier.

Nuclear power plants and industrial plants that wish to have access to our innovative technology and who wish to be considered in our network of clients, cannot be under sanctions by the United States’ Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC).

If you would like to receive more information or if you would like to schedule a meeting please send us an email at join@greenuke.com and someone will contact you. 

Greenuke Technology is always looking forward to building stronger relations with current and new clients. Our joint effort with our clients allows us to reduce all types of radioactive waste including high-level waste (HLW) by a ratio of at least 2,000:1. Some of the benefits of joining our network of clients are as follows:

Greenuke Technology will aid and assist research institutions with their research in...

There are many sources of energy, but before we define or discuss the two types of energy sources, renewable...

Greenuke Technology takes pride in its new and innovative technology that allows the...

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